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St Nectan's Church - Welcombe

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 What’s on

What’s on this week in the Village Hall:
Monday 6th Lunch Club, 6pm Shop meeting, skittles meeting Tuesday 7th Film club 7.30pm ‘Knives Out’
Wed 8th Parish council meeting, 7pm Bridge Club
Monday 13th Mens Skittles
Tuesday 14th WI, Chicks in Styx
Monday 20th Lunch Club
Sat 25th Private Function

Regular events in the Hall: Currently Yoga Tues am , Bridge Wed evening. Band practice Friday evening. Lunch club returns Monday 6th September, Film Club 7th Sept, details below:

Playground users are reminded that the playground is designed & intended for children under 12. The equipment is NOT insured for older users and in particular adults must NOT use the Zipwire.

The next Film Club will be on Tuesday September 7th at 7.30pm, the main feature will be ‘Knives Out’, a well reviewed whodunnit starring Daniel Craig in a post Bond role of Private Detective. Main feature at 8pm , film shorts at 7.30. All welcome. Next showing after this will be Oct 12th.


Chicks in the Sticks We are very excited to say we have a date for your diaries! Dust off your hampers, shake out your blankets and tune up your banjo if you’re so inclined; we’re having a picnic! September 14th, 7.30pm at Welcombe Village Hall, hopefully on the lawn in lovely warm late sun but also inside because it always rains on Chicks nights! Rather than a bring and share please bring your own food and drink or prearrange to share with your mates if you are happy to. As we are all unsure of what the future months may hold there’s no workshop or activity planned this time so that we can cancel if needs be without any issues and obviously we will adhere to any restrictions in place. Moving forward the next meet up will be Tuesday 5th October and every first Tuesday of the month which is a day change. Keep an eye on our Facebook group and page, we’ll create an event for updates soon, and emails will be going out soon-ish. ?? Cheers, Lydia

  Apple juicing Apple juicing has started in the village hall again this year. If you have surplus apples on your trees, or windfalls in good clean condition without mud, twigs, leaves or slugs then we can turn them into juice. We have to charge extra if we provide the bottles, but recycled screw top wine bottles work very well and the recycling bins of holiday lets have proved to be an excellent source! They do not need to be sterilised, just really clean inside and out, and if you are prepared to persevere then they look much better without the labels! There is a charge of £!.00 for each bottle of juice made, and with last year’s bumper crop we were able to share the great sum of £1300 between Devon Air Ambulance, Welcombe village hall and St Nectan’s church. So thank you to everybody who contributed to this, and thank you to all the users of the village hall who tolerate the chaos that the pressing and juicing gives rise to during September and October. Contact Jill or David on 01288331493, or New campsite in Welcombe: Welcombe Campers at Little Hollacombe Farm. View on

WI started with lunch at Merrier Harriers, next meeting tba

Lunch Club is starting in September. Contact Sheila Wade. Must be booked in advance. Sheila Wade 01288 331391


Sadly the Horticultural Show and the Church fete have been cancelled this August. Hopefully they will return next year.

Currently Yoga Tues am, Bridge Wed evening. Band practice Friday evening.  

Looking ahead: Calling all stallholders. Welcombe Christmas Craft Fair ,
Sunday 28th Nov



Welcombe Bells



 The Welcombe bell ringers have restarted with ringing at all services where possible.
It is intended to practice on Monday nights at least fortnightly.


Dear Friends,

As you may have heard recently, on Sundays, the bells of St Nectans Church Welcombe are once again ringing out after a long period of silence, due to the pandemic.

It was a bit strange to pull those old ropes again after over a year had passed but just like not being able to riding a bike for a while it all comes back to you when you try again, and okay I’m not that good at riding a bike either. When I started learning to ring the bells it seemed incomprehensible that everything I had to think about would eventually become second nature, just like diving a car.

Because the bells are well balanced you do not have to be a weight lifter to keep them ringing. In fact if you pull too hard on the rope at one end you then have to hold it back to stop it going too far on the other end causing a lot of unnecessary effort and sweat. The rhythm will come naturally to many and has its own feeling of calm amide the clamour of the bell peel, and the clever way that you can change the resonance and reverberation by moving bells to ring in front or behind each other is quite remarkable.

St Nectans, Welcombe is well known for its particularly melodious six bell peel and its short tower and therefore shorter ropes making it much easier to ring for learners. At the moment our team consists of equal numbers of male and female ringers but we only have enough ringers to ring all six bells on a good day if we can all make it.

So, if you would like to have a go at bell ringing or just come and watch for a while on Monday evenings from 7.30pm during July and August please just turn up or you can contact me on 331700 if you have any questions at all.

Mick Dollimore, Nectans Meadow.


Full details of events at Meddon Village Hall, Keep Fit, Pilates , Morsbagging etc can be found on the Meddon website:

Crisp packet Recycling The Village shop is recycling empty crisp packets , Juliet Barrett reports. RECYCLE YOUR CRISP PACKETS; You can now recycle your crisp packets at Welcombe Shop to raise funds for St Mark's School PTA. There is a collection bin inside the shop. Any brand of crisp packet is accepted EXCEPT - popcorn bags - crisp tubes - pretzel bags - meat snack bags. The recycling company Terracycle clean and extrude the packets into pellets which are then sold to recycling manufacturers who make benches, playgrounds and pavements etc. 






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