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Tower Captain: Mick Dollimore, 01288 331700

Full details of bells (Sizes, Weights, Notes and Inscription) see Inscriptions page.


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Welcombe – St. Nectan’s Church Bell and Tower Restoration Project.

  The bells at Welcombe are a light 6 (7cwt.), almost any 4 or 5 of which can be rung in a melodious way.

Welcombe bells had not rung out since August 2015 because the bell frame was in need of repair, but the good news is that the renovation is now complete - the repointing was finished in July 2016 and the bells came back on 26th September 2016 so that they were then back in action well before Christmas. 

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The ringing of preference in this part of the world is known as "Devon Call Change Ringing", where the ringers are called through a series of changes, one bell moving at a time. The resident bands of Welcombe ringers in the recent past have been very active in various competitions in the South-West.

There is also, however, a strong following for "Method" ringing, where a method is learnt by all the ringers, who then proceed to follow the pattern they have learnt, which may be varied by the caller.

A number of quarter peals in various methods have been rung by the Welcombe ringers, as recorded in the tower.

There is not currently a regular practice night, please ring Mick on 331700 for details.

We normally ring every Sunday.

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On occasional Sundays and on special occasions when possible there will be CCTV of the bells on a 5x4 foot screen.

Obviously because of damp and cold, and security, the equipment is not left in the Church all the time, but on certain Sundays and on special occasions you will be able to hear the bells and see them working in the belfry at the same time.


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The verse on the right was seen by Rhoda Pankhurst, my Mother, in a tower we visited on one of our ringing trips some years ago. She admired it so much she asked if anyone had a pen and paper so she could copy it down.
The Tower Captain of that Church (and I am so sad that I cannot remember which Church it was) gave the actual sheet that was in the tower to Mum, saying he had a copy. 
Thank you for your kindness, whoever you are, the verse has been hung, framed, in our tower ever since.
                              Howard Pankhurst


Grant to us ringers one and all
Whom to thy service Thou dost call
That with the skill that comes from Thee
We may Thy faithful servants be

And grant O Lord the ringers all
On heedful ears may ever fall
That with the faithful in each place
We too may kneel to seek Thy grace



Richard Bence has been searching the North Devon Journal archives and has come up with this wonderfully-worded piece from 1885 about the tenor bell:




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